Environmental Vision Exchange (EVE) challenges youth to develop solutions to problems and launch their ideas into action. Focused on youth from places with problems, EVE treats this as expertise in the problem. By bringing youth from diverse backgrounds together, the diversity of expertise rises. By equipping youth with digital tools to express their ideas for impact, the chances that one of their ideas catches on rises.

Ideas are turned into projects and ventures and youth from places with problems start to become the solution.


The Mazava Project

Mazava’s goal is to develop a series of projects able to provide isolated people with medical supplies and medical services. The Leaders we are supporting include:


The Savoka Project

Savoka’s goal is to develop a series of projects able to provide support to people living in and around unique ecosystems in their efforts to protect species-at-risk and cultures-at-risk.

Past Projects

Kick Start: Project designed to help Canadian youth learn to use computers and video technology to convert their ideas into self-employment opportunities. Of the 20 youth participants in the Kick-Start Project, 65% became self-employed in industries related to computers and TV/film.

Rukundo: A refugee outreach program helping refugees settle and develop new skills

Infostructure: Project aimed at building information infrastructure in under capitalized communities in Toronto. Designed to improve access to the Internet and new media.

Nature Network:  Twenty young Canadians travelled to Madagascar to work with Malagasies on researching and developing ideas to help protect Madagascar’s unique eco-systems.

Cultural Export: A six month project aimed at developing export markets in the Indian Ocean for Canadian culture

World Heritage: A pilot project aimed at protecting unique ecosystems in the Indian Ocean. The goal is to create two World heritage Sites: one in a primary forest; another in a marine ecosystem.

Non-Profit Ventures

EVE has worked with various partners, including Idea Bank (a Canadian company which develops and brokers ideas) to develop information infrastructure (Infostructure) in undercapitalized areas in Canada and abroad designed to protect, develop and disseminate ideas for health, peace and sustainable development.

HOOD Ecologic:  Environmental action group operated by young girls living in Toronto’s housing projects, using video production as a means to develop and maintain participant interest.

Famelona: Preserving biological knowledge of traditional healers in Madagascar through the use of new media.

Hyper Link for Technology Transfer: A media literacy program offered to youth from areas where drug trafficking is prevalent. This venture was developed by two participants involved in the Infostructure Project.

Umugenzi for Refugees: A volunteer program assisting senior citizens and consumer/survivors, which was developed from the Rukundo Project.

Fahasalamana: Integrated Health Clinics allowing both traditional healers and medical doctors to work together in remote areas of Madagascar.

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