By treating youth living with the problem as experts, EVE taps into local intelligence. By challenging youth to develop solutions to problems they know well, EVE develops a belief system in local brainpower. By getting youth to visit other problem areas and work with youth from different places, EVE rattles their assumptions on what is a problem and introduces diversity of thinking on how to approach solving problems.

This creates new thinking and ideas on how to solve problems. Youth work cross-culturally to develop ideas they can launch as projects and organizations. This changes perspectives and creates long-term cross-cultural relationships of trust.

From there, anything is possible.

Most EVE programs look at addressing one or all of the following areas of risk:

  • Youth-at-Risk

  • Cultures-at-Risk

  • Species-at-Risk

Board of Directors

Jay Godsall, Founder, EVE, Solar Ship Inc.

Patricia Heath,  Apple Canada

Matt O’Leary, Idea Bank

Michel Rugema, Solar Ship Inc.

Mei-Lyn Freeman, Microbiologist, China

Bob Kennedy, Solar Ship Inc.

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