The primary target for programs are youth capable of organizing ideas into action. Typically this is only 10-15% of any demographic. Youth ages 15-25 from low income communities without optimal starting points – 2 parents, healthy regular meals, paid education and positive mentorship. This demographic lives in environments where the informal economy is stronger than the formal economy.  These are places where even the dreamers and visionaries have trouble seeing a path out sometimes. But these are fantastic areas for talent. Just like sport has found global talent from hard places, EVE seeks to challenge leading local brainpower to develop ideas and partner with others to act.

Through travel to areas of the world that are very different than what they know, their eyes open, their self-esteem rises and their ideas to solve problems take shape. Their dreams start to become clear visions. These turn into plans. They get organized. They get partners. They launch.

Idea Bank

Connects thinkers, doers and backers to launch ventures.


Prevention and management of infectious disease.

The Solar Ship Foundation

Provides sustainable transportation and critical cargo to remote areas cut off from the global community.

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