The primary EVE programs involve several months and international travel. Secondary programs EVE supports are programs organized by EVE graduate youth who are launching their own ideas – these programs can be as simple as 2 weeks in a local environment with existing digital tools.

Facilitating youth programs is extremely cost efficient when one measures the long lasting impact. Plane tickets can cost a lot of money, but once youth have had their minds unlocked, they are changed for life. Most programs in Africa involve low cost of living expenses. Programs to Canada’s north are the most expensive programs due to the high cost of transport and living. The most expensive and rewarding exchanges involve First Nations youth from remote Canada and African youth from extreme environments such as war zones. While these programs have high initial transport costs, the connected brainpower potential lasts forever.

Historically, EVE relied on government funding for youth exchanges, but governments are not reliable. They change policymakers and suddenly withdraw support. As many youth organizations know, it can take all of the staff’s energy just to keep relationships with government alive. EVE teaches self-reliance to youth. EVE finds multiple ways to fund its programs. If you are interested in learning how to support a program or you have a big problem area you’d like us to research with the hope of organizing a program, please contact


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