Environmental Vision Exchange (EVE) is a federally registered Canadian charity founded in 1991.

EVE’s objectives are to improve our environment by promoting cross-cultural exchange. These exchanges lead to ideas. EVE facilitates the conversion of these ideas into action. This action takes the form of new projects, initiatives and organizations. We primarily focus on youth living in rapidly changing environments.

EVE leverages technology to facilitate the launch of local ideas into global action using the combination of three elements:

  • Environment: One’s surroundings as a starting point for action;

  • Vision: Using modern digital technologies to bring ideas to life;

  • Exchange: Cross-cultural communication as a catalyst for learning.

EVE was created after several visits to Madagascar and Africa by its founders. These visits demonstrated an opportunity to help people in low-income areas develop knowledge through the use of new media. With the assistance of Idea Bank (a company devoted to developing and brokering ideas), and partners in North America and the Indian Ocean, EVE developed a prototype for cross-cultural exchange using new media. This model has included EVE events sponsored by prominent Canadian “global thinkers”┬áincluding Dr. David Suzuki, Finance Minister Paul Martin, Marine Biologist Dr. Joe MacInnis and Cree Chief Billy Diamond. These events have involved youth from all major ethnic backgrounds and regions in Canada and people from the Indian Ocean. EVE has been developing projects in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean for over six years.

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